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What is the core philosophy of HARIBIN CREATIVITY LABS?

In India, very few children are fortunate to receive the best education, and later follow their choicest careers. The question is, are children really getting benefited by education to discover their innate talents, and pursue careers of choice as youngsters. The 10+2+3 educational formula of school, college and degree is greatly tilted towards completion of the course content, rather than equipping each child with the needful creative and artistic skills. There is very little understanding that only the artistic and creative skills make children successful in life, and contribute in a big way to self-success and national progress.

Every generation has high hopes and aspirations to achieve its cherished personal and professionals goals. Even we as children dreamt of being something, but unfortunately turned out to become something else. The predominance of status quo and herd mentality have left parents and guardians to make their children participate in the rat race for ranks/high scores rather than recognizing and promoting their innate creative and artistic talents.

It was rarely thought of or understood that today’s creative and artistic abilities when nurtured and developed would lead to creating a generation of leaders, scientific thinkers, and entrepreneurs that can bring great name to the nation, and help everyone to progress. For our generation, it is better late than never. But for the upcoming generations, there are wonderful opportunities to pursue and develop their creative and artistic talents that would later find expression in the career streams they follow.

HCL offers all opportunities to enhance and develop the creative and artistic talents of children. A common understanding is that, catch them young, and catapult them to greater heights of much sought and endearing career choices. HCL through its STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) creates a path to identify and enhance the creativity and artistic abilities of children.

Equal opportunities are offered to parents and teachers also to participate in the STEAM programs. Significantly, a new mindset to further new thinking has been awakened by Creative Leaders International. There is a long way to go, with phenomenal results clearly seen as highly satisfied and emotionally balanced children, jubilant parents, and happiest teachers.

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