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If we look around from a global perspective, children are exposed to different cultural, scientific and socio-economic foundations. Children across the world come from different levels of scientific temperament, analytical and comprehension skills. With English typically gaining acceptance as a global idiom, the movement towards understanding children’s creative and artistic needs is greatly being realized. A common ground is being established for children to participate in international competitions and quizzes.

Children in Asia and Africa are yet to cope with the challenges that come with participation at international creative and artistic competitions/quizzes. Young entrepreneurs across emerging economies like India have been introducing a new wave of thinking to parent, teachers and children. These entrepreneurs have been strongly motivated by the intelligent, smart, creative and artistic skills of children in US and Europe. The gaps that exist in India’s educational system, with equal focus on the creative and artistic abilities of children are holistically addressed.

A remarkable and resounding beginning has been made in this direction by HCL, which is probably the first dedicated and all-inclusive effort at identifying and offering end-to-end guidance on ways and means to enhance the creative and artistic abilities of children across schools in India.

Awareness Programs

HCL conducts awareness programs in communities, family get-togethers, schools and social gatherings. The basic idea of these focused awareness campaigns is to direct, guide and ensures the participation of parents, teachers and children in creative and artistic skill development programs. If the parents and teachers understand and identify the creative and artistic potential of their children, it would become easy to translate the aspiration of children into successful creative and artistic endeavors.



Parents and the family members are the first point of contact for children. If the parents are aware of the creative and artistic abilities of their children, it becomes easy to groom and enhance them accordingly. The right direction through actionable goals by focused parents makes all endeavors at artistic and creative skills promotion greatly fruitful. HCL’s first focus is on parents, and all awareness programs are directed at enhancing each parent’s perception of the child’s artistic and creative abilities.


Children spend considerable amount of time in the school. Teacher-student interaction is promoted in the classroom environment. The influence of fellow students, and aspiration to excel at a specific artistic and creative skill definitely serves as a catalyst. With the right ambience, exposure, role-models, and training conditions teachers will be able to make a big difference in furthering the creative and artistic abilities of children. Many a time, some children are find engrossed in listening to music, drawing, singing, dancing and playing. These outward artistic and creative signs need to be identified by teachers and these children given the right guidance to excel at national and global competitions and quizzes.



Children learn a lot by observation. Parents, teachers, peers, siblings, heroes, heroines, movies, cartoons and different life incidents have a bearing on their life and personality for a life-time. Majorly, it is the parents and teachers that are the ring-masters to guide and mentor children to pursue their choicest creative and artistic interests. By conducting focused seminars, discussions, role-plays, story telling sessions, the child’s creative and artistic interests gain reinforcement, and the child feels confident about the ability to master and progress in a cherished interest. HCL enables each child to realize the inner potential for creative and artistic pursuits, and provides a window of opportunities to showcase and participate in international quizzes and competitions.

Screening & Admission

All children in the age group of 8 – 14 studying in school are eligible for our Screening Test

Admissions will be based on the child’s performance in the Test, Group Discussion and Interview

Credits will be given to past achievements/certifications in creative and artistic domains

At present, there is no Registration Fee for taking the Screening Test

However, those shortlisted for admission shall fulfill and follow the guidelines on fees and all other terms and conditions

Mentoring & Guidance

Once your child clears the Screening Test, Group Discussion and Interview, he/she is provided the foundation training. In the foundation course, the child is introduced to different artistic and creative talents, methods to hone them, and competitions/quizzes to be taken globally. Depending on your child’s interest and promise, our artistic talent experts suggest a specific stream of creative and artistic domain.

The child will be sent for specialized training, with enough exposure provided by means of mock tests and quizzes. For each artistic and creative talent there will be a coordinator, who will act as the connecting link between the talent trainers and quiz/competition experts. Beneficially, the child is provided enough opportunities to enhance creative and artistic talents.

Mock Tests & Quizzes

Mock Tests/Quizzes are an important part of our creative and artistic talent curriculum. Their purpose and objective is evident as,

Preparing the child holistically for the real test/quiz

Providing a simulated environment to get the feel of the quiz/test

Promoting the performance of the child in the actual test

Providing confidence to the first timers and enhance their self-analytical capacity

Ensuring that the child is greatly relaxed just before the test

Inculcating a feeling that each child is well prepared to take the test

Understanding the toughness of the questions and the scope of the syllabus

Reducing pre-exam jitters and stress

Motivating to excel and perform better

Feedback & Improvement

Each mock test/quiz is followed by collecting the feedback of the child. Based on the feedback of the child, suggestions are made by talent experts about performance and steps to follow for improvement. Each mock test/quiz offers many learnings and takeaways.

Knowledge gaps are identified

Test requirements and actual performances are verified

Confidence and mental stability of the child is tested

Patience and endurance at highly stressful conditions is checked

Collaborative efforts are made for training and learning enhancements

Parents, teachers and children are involved to discuss on better ways of performance

The best performers are shortlisted, while others are sent for additional guidance

Feedback is collected in questionnaire format, and documented as a report

The performance of each child is rated on a ten-point scale