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How does your Depot for Creative Re-use help to further STEAM activities?

HCL collects safe, clean, and usable unwanted—items from gated communities, apartment complexes and businesses. By this, the unused materials that will go into landfills will be put to proper use. By registering with HCL, each individual child and family can have full-fledge access to the unused items Depot. These items can be put to use to further creative and artistic skills of children.

Institutions, teachers, artists, crafters, and children can utilize the Depot as the hub for materials that are environmentally friendly and offer an inexpensive option. We offer a low-cost membership program and material scholarships. By this all the unused materials are made accessible and affordable for all members of the community. The Depot supplies include, manufacturing scraps, retired inventory, a variety of colorful fabrics and textiles, paper goods, decorations, school supplies, and many other items.

By availing our support on different materials at the lowest membership schools and children can work and further their educational projects, arts and crafts. The unused materials can also be used by households and families for home décor and daily needs. Significantly, the Depot helps schools and educational institutions to promote hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (S.T.E.A.M.). Also available with HCL are the Challenge Kits that help in furthering STEAM programs for youth.

A nominal membership fee allows children, parents and communities to pick up the required materials. These materials can be used for one year since the date of pick-up from the depot. People in the neighborhood and communities can offer material donations which are sent to the Depot for Creative Reuse. The subscription amount paid by members is adjusted towards expenses in conducting educational programs, and material scholarships.

HCL offers a limited number of materials scholarships. These are more in the nature of materials distributed for free to distribute these materials for free to educators, afterschool providers, and other community programs serving underprivileged children. Under our material scholarships scheme educators to utilize fixed number of units free of charge, for their educational programs.

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