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How do HCL’s STEAM programs bring about the artistic and creative awakening in children?

HCL’s tryst with success is based on its new wave of thinking in India’s pedagogy, artistic skills development and career choices. The basic idea is to create a next generation of thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders. This is sought to be achieved by providing custom and focused hands-on creativity and artistic activities for children. Though the main focus of HCL is on children, even parents, teachers and the community members can participate in creative and artistic talents promotion programs.

No wonder that, the creativity of children can be less imparted, and more nurtured and furthered by focused creative and artistic activities. Our approach to enhancing the creative and artistic skills of children can be seen as specialized and hands-on training activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programs. So, by balancing creativity, STEAM, and Design Thinking, we aim to inspire each child of the creative and artistic talents that will help them to compete and lead the 21st century workforce.

Each artistic and creative activity offered to the child prepares for complete personal development, and professional success in the later time. STEAM programs are highly beneficial, and take the child from confusion to perfection. The clarity of thought and design achieved creates better outcomes and promotes greater understanding of life’s complexities and challenges. The benefits of STEAM programs are listed below,

Engage and inspire hands-on experiences

Spark the desire for self-motivated learning

Integrate high tech tools and reuse items

Provide for an affordable and impactful learning

Access to all children and families alike

Programs organized at centralized locations

HCL defines creativity as a natural gift. Children who are endowed with creative thinking can understand and approach things with the right perspective. Creativity helps to enhance thinking, questioning, experimenting, and taking risks. In one way or other creativity helps people to be what they aspire to be.

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