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01 What is the basic objective of HARIBIN CREATIVE LABS?

HCL Pvt Ltd, based in Hyderabad offers end-to-end guidance and mentoring to children towards enhancing their creative and artistic abilities. Children who are very creative with a record of excellence in arts (writing, painting, sculpture, dance, drama, yoga, music etc) are offered the needful guidance and sent to international competitions

02 Who is the Founder & Managing Director of HCL?

HCL Ltd is the dream come true of its founder and Managing Director Harish Gunda.HCL realizes Harish’s vision of a New India, where children compete globally and bring accolades to their schools, families, teachers and the nation. To realize his vision holistically, HCL collaborates with Children Creative Lab USA, a global leader in preparing children for international quizzes and competitions.

03 What is so very remarkable about HCL?

HCL makes the first dedicated and all-inclusive effort at identifying and offering end-to-end guidance on ways and means to enhance the creative and artistic abilities of children across schools in India.

04 What is your VISION?

To emerge as one-point-of-contact for cultivating artistic and creative talents in children of India

05 What is your MISSION?

To create awareness, engage and expose children of India to international tests/quizzes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

06 What is the true inspiration behind the establishment of HCL?

Harish proved to be a prodigy child, with extreme love for reading books, watching comical and cartoon movies, and having an overwhelming longing for artistic pursuits. He had on himself, the high influence of Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney. The artistic and creative inspiration he draw from these epic personalities is something which words fall short to explain.

HCL, the wonder world of Harish moves ahead to fill-in the creative and artistic lacunae that children face in India. Opportunities are made available to children to pursue their artistic and creative interests, with greater scope for participating and winning international quizzes, games and competitions.

07 What are the objectives of HCL?
  • To provide the resources your child needs for creative and artistic expression
  • To help and guide children on doings things they haven’t done before
  • To promote each child’s creative and artistic talent by creating the right environment
  • To enable them to try and fail, so that they are not afraid of failure and judgment
  • To see that children take change as something exciting, and not intimidating
  • To encourage children to read for the joy of it, and participate in creative activities viz rehearsing a play, learning to draw, reading a book etc
  • To guide children on new ways to do a thing, like giving the same solution in a different way
  • To conduct mock quizzes and tests, and reward good performers as creativity and artistic talents compound when appreciated and encouraged
  • To emphasize on the process, rather than the final achievement, this keeps the child focused and motivated
  • To demonstrate by role models and help the child differentiate between what is expected and identify the deciding factors for success
  • To bring a real-time experience to each time by mock tests and quizzes, and showcasing winners’ performance, feedback and reviews
08 How do creative and artistic pursuits help in developing different skills in children?

Each creative and artistic avenue contributes to each child’s growth and development

  • Music helps boost brain power, while art improves academic performance
  • Music helps in language acquisition esp aids to learn word sounds and meanings
  • Dance helps to build motor skills
  • Music and art enhance creativity and innovation skills
  • Playing instruments helps children to develop life skills as teamwork, leadership skills, discipline and management
  • Drawing, painting and sculpting helps the child to develop visual-spatial skills
  • Art and music help to build confidence in children. Criticism or praise are accepted with confidence, and feedback taken as a way to improve
  • Art and music prepare the child for cultural diversity and helps in feeling connected to one another
  • Pursuit of artistic and creative interests means to instill discipline in children. There are always some established rules and principles that govern art or music presentation
09 Are children in India ready for global challenges?

Children in Asia and Africa are yet to cope with the challenges that come with participation at international creative and artistic competitions/quizzes. Young entrepreneurs across emerging economies like India have been introducing a new wave of thinking to parent, teachers and children. These entrepreneurs have been strongly motivated by the intelligent, smart, creative and artistic skills of children in US and Europe. The gaps that exist in India’s educational system, with equal focus on the creative and artistic abilities of children are holistically addressed.

A remarkable and resounding beginning has been made in this direction by HCL, which is probably the first dedicated and all-inclusive effort at identifying and offering end-to-end guidance on ways and means to enhance the creative and artistic abilities of children across schools in India.

10 What is included in the Screening and Admission process of HCL?
  • All children in the age group of 8 – 14 studying in school are eligible for our Screening Test
  • Admissions will be based on the child’s performance in the Test, Group Discussion and Interview
  • Credits will be given to past achievements/certifications in creative and artistic domains
  • At present, there is no Registration Fee for taking the Screening Test


However, those shortlisted for admission shall fulfill and follow the guidelines on fees and all other terms and conditions

11 What are the benefits of STEAM programs?

The benefits of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programs are listed below,

  • Engage and inspire hands-on experiences
  • Spark the desire for self-motivated learning
  • Integrate high tech tools and reuse items
  • Provide for an affordable and impactful learning
  • Access to all children and families alike
  • Programs organized at centralized locations
12 How do your depots help in furthering creative and artistic talents of children?

By registering with HCL, each individual child and family can have full-fledge access to the unused items Depot. These items can be put to use to further creative and artistic skills of children. The Depot supplies include, manufacturing scraps, retired inventory, a variety of colorful fabrics and textiles, paper goods, decorations, school supplies, and many other items. By availing our support on different materials at the lowest membership schools and children can work and further their educational projects, arts and crafts. The unused materials can also be used by households and families for home décor and daily needs.