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Creativity Programs


HCL realizes its cherished objectives through its highly successful STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) outreach programs. Managed by a team of dedicated trainers, certified counselors and support staff various creative and artistic programs are launched for children.

Each STEAM program is customized as per the child’s creative and artistic interests. Our focus is on providing each child enough hands-on, lively, and learning based creative and artistic skills. All this is offered at the convenience of your children’ classrooms, youth center, libraries and community centres.

Our STEAM programs are made flexible to accommodate the preferred place and timing of the children, parents and children. These can be held as in-school or after-school program. The focus on art, as part of the STEAM curriculum aims to promote each child’s creativity, design-thinking, and artistic skill.


Each STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program brings to the forefront certain common standards, and few other next generation science standards. The basic idea is to identify, nurture, and transform the artistic and creative talents of children. This is a gradual and step-by-step process.


The special talents of children in STEAM are identified


Enough creative and artistic opportunities are offered by specialist trainers. The child's artistic and creative talents are furthered and reinforced in this way.


It may be Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math the intellectual, creative and artistic talents are transformed to reach maturity. So, by transformation we mean to prepare a firm foundation for the later day's development and progress in the cherished field/discipline with an assured success.

Each STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program brings to the forefront certain common standards, and few other next generation science standards. The basic idea is to identify, nurture, and transform the artistic and creative talents of children. This is a gradual and step-by-step process.

Makerspace On Wheels

HCL creates a permanent or a temporary makerspace. This is a collaborative working space inside a school, library or community facility. Each makerspace facilitates learning, exploring and sharing of high tech or no tech tools in a creative and artistic way.

Also, each makerspace offers hands on learning, and help in promoting self confidence and critical thinking skills in children. Significantly, our makerspace offers a great opportunity to each child to explore own interests, helps to learn new tools, work on different materials. These activities may be physical or virtual, and greatly directed to developing the creativity of each child.

The benefits offered by our makerspace-on-wheels’ activities are,

Further innovation and critical thinking in children

Relating real-world activities with classroom learning

Learning to face failure and success equally

Providing students with new opportunities

Promoting critical thinking skills

Enhance, encourage and develop 21st century skills

Community Makerspace

HCL creates Community Makerspaces in designated locations which are in proximity to school children between 5 and 14. Each community makerspace is safe for children and helps to promote your child’s artistic and creative talents. Our community makerspaces are equipped with reclaimed and reusable materials. These items are collected from the nearby neighborhoods and communities.

We have made each Community Makerspace to be an open-studio. The community makerspace offers field trips, team-building activities, mock tests/ competitions and service events. In the Open-Studio Maker Sessions there are no instructors. Families, children and community members come together for participate in a host of creative and artistic activities.

Synergized by imagination and guided by innovation, children will create their choicest items (toys, dolls, machine models, art works etc). The role of parents, elders and teachers will be to guide,  supervise and assist children with the things they need like paper, colors, cutters, erazers, scrape items, glue, other tools and equipment. To participate in community makerspace activities, children and their parrents need to book their spot in advance.

Certain conditions apply. There may be changes or cancellation of the open-studio activity. So, all children and parents are advised to check for updates on the upcoming open-studios posted at the website. Field trips and events which are instructor-led activities are also organized and these offer full Community Makerspace experience.

Depot For Creative Reuse

Different scrape items that are safe, clean, re-usable are collected from families, communities and neighborhoods. Local stores and commercial centers can also donate un-used and scrape items to us. Our good efforts are aimed at re-using and recycling waste and thereby reduce waste reaching landfills.

We have set up Depots for Creative Reuse that include different items new and used. Our Depots serve as a great resource for teachers, artists, crafters, and public searching for environmentally friendly and inexpensive materials. Access to our Depots is made possible through a low-cost membership program.

There is also the special material scholarship program that makes all materials greatly affordable for students. Some of the prominent materials/scrap available at our Depot includes manufacturing scraps, retired inventory, colorful fabrics and textiles, paper goods, decorations, school supplies, and other items.

With focus STEAM creative and artistic activities we have also made our Depots as the point of contact for pre-packaged STEM-Based Challenge Kits.

Summer Classes

HCL's S.T.E.A.M. summer workshops are now available online. To protect you and your child from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have initiated these workshops. Each online workshop features,

Engaging and hands-on learning experiences

Live instructor-led sessions empower and enhance the creative and artistic talents of children

Each workshop’s session is directed at enhancing the problem-solving and critical thinking skills of children

The focus of the curriculum will be extensive and comprehensive includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) activities.

Your child's creativity is promoted by balance and stability, energy transformation and absorption, friction, and air resistance.



Home is the place where the essence of life is discovered. Human sensitivities, emotions, bonds of love, relationships, aspirations, expectations and get-togetherness are found in abundance. For that matter, home is the first school for the child, with father and mother as the chief mentors, and all other family members creative a safe and secure environment.

Learning at home is very endearing and filled with fun. The informal ambience and the lightness of the pedagogy adds greater excitement to learning. Creative Leaders International offers a sea of creative and artistic opportunities for children to choose and pursue the choicest activity. We have lined up trending, innovative and jubilant hands-on activities for your child.

BUILD ROBOTS :- Robots have always excited wonder kids. You can now build a robot with all your creativity. You can equip your robot with instruments and displays.

BUILD A CUP BALANCE SCALE :- By using a hanger and two plastic cups you can now build a balance. By this you can learn about balance, mass and density.

TRACK YOUR ENERGY :- Track your own energy use and share a record of energy conservation

TAP SOLAR POWER :- Conduct a solar experiment and tap solar power.

``FLOATING`` SCULPTURE :- Build floating sculptures and learn about balance, mass and center of gravity.

PEACE ROCK :- Transform rocks into symbols of peace and hope. Get inspired by the calm and peaceful nature of rocks.

COLOR WHEEL :- Life is filled with colors. Enhance your world of colours by crafting a color wheel.

BOUNCING BALL :- Bounce a ball and experience the fun. Note that each ball bounces differently.

MAKE A CATAPULT :- Be your creative best by making a catapult with popsicle sticks and rubber bands.

Contest Schedule

Once the children have availed our focused creative and artistic training programs, they will be provided details of the contest/quizzes held world-wide. The following are the list of events/quizzes held across the world during this summer. HCL prepares and short-lists children for participation at the international creative and artistic talent tests/quizzes.