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Haribin Creative Labs Objectives

Foster next gen of critical thinkers

Create a powerful force of innovators

Inspire students to learn vital skills

Enhance each child’s creative and artistic abilities

Engage children in creative and artistic programs

Promote children's personal development

One of the cherished ways to spark your child’s creative and artistic abilities is through exploration. By exploring your child understands new things. Definitely, all new things inspire and motive your child to excel creatively and artistically, and later mature professionally as an adult. Today, we live in a global village powered by the Internet. The sooner our children are identified, guided and equipped with creative and artistic skills, the greater will be their chances to achieve global recognition, reward and award.

In India, we are barely scratching the surface of possibilities for promoting the creative and artistic abilities of children. Concerted efforts are still to be made to create ways to explore each child’s creative and artistic abilities. Now this is to change, as for the first time in India, HARIBIN CREATIVE LABS, based in Hyderabad offers end-to-end guidance and mentoring to children towards enhancing their creative and artistic abilities. By doing so, HCL ensures each child’s participation in international quizzes and competitions.

HCL follows a step by step process where children with the right IQ (intelligence quotient) EI (emotional quotient) and Communication Skills are identified, selected, trained and short-listed for the matching global quiz or competition. Children who are very creative with a record of excellence in arts (writing, painting, sculpture, dance, drama, yoga, music etc) are offered the needful guidance and sent to international competitions.


Does your child have remarkable creative skills?

If yes, here is a chance to register your child in HCL projects, the gateway to achieve world records, participate in international contests and become the world’s smartest kid.

We allow for 3000 admissions every 2 years. Only children between 8-16 years from India are eligible to apply. Those children who are at their creative-best are taken after a meticulously designed screening and short-listing process.

Dear parent, your child needs only 5 hours/week of focus, and your matured guidance to achieve global recognition. Importantly, we do not focus on the fundamentals of any activity. We just accelerate your child’s existing creative skills and mentor accordingly to achieve global recognitions relating to those skills.

By registering for our projects, you need not worry about any disturbance to your child’s regular academic activity during the quarantine situation caused by covid-19. Understand, if you lost something best in childhood, it will surely be a loss for life time.

Now your child has a chance to share creativity with the world. This is the best opportunity for your child to score and achieve world records, international achievements and new things to learn. We know that kids need a creativity outlet now more than ever. Your child may now become the world’s smartest kid and compete on par with children from any part of the world.

Dear parent, we hope that your kid has remarkable creative skills and learnt a lot of things inside and outside of classroom. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to allow your child to grow, and utilize the inbuilt skills. Definitely, if you know about programs around the globe which can accelerate your child’s creativity skills, you sure have an opportunity to rank your child as the WORLD’S SMARTEST KID.

Hence, it is time you register your child for HCL projects, and create a path for a momentous global recognition to your child’s creativity exploration.

Scope for Creativity

At HARIBIN CREATIVE LABS it is a point of consensus that the benefits of art and music are incredible. Though art and music provide a creative outlet for kids their impact on each child’s mental, emotional, and intellectual development is phenomenal.

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Music helps boost brain power, while art improves academic performance

Music helps in language acquisition esp aids to learn word sounds and meanings

Dance helps to build motor skills

Music and art enhance creativity and innovation skills

Drawing, painting and sculpting helps the child to develop visual-spatial skills


There is no place like home,very true!

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Build Robots

team image

Build Cup Balance

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Track your Energy

team image

Tap Solar Power

team image

Peace Rock

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Bouncing Ball

team image

Make a Catapult

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``Floating`` Sculpture

Team of HCL

HCL is pioneered by like-minded people, who share a common vision to create a one-point-of-contact for cultivating artistic and creative talents in children of India. This helps our teams to create awareness, engage and expose children of India to international tests/quizzes in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

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Let the world know what you have achieved


1st in India

1st in India to start creative programs in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

1st in India

1st in India to bridge school curriculum with artistic and creative pursuits, for a wonderful and successful career ahead

1st in India

1st in India to forge global tie-ups with organizations to prepare children for all the renowned global quizzes and competitions

1st in India

1st in India to bring children, teachers, parents and community on one platform that promotes creativity in children

Awareness Programs


HCL conducts awareness programs in communities, family get-togethers, schools and social gatherings.


HCL conducts awareness programs in communities, family get-togethers, schools and social gatherings.


HCL conducts awareness programs in communities, family get-togethers, schools and social gatherings.

Our Testimonials

Our teachers had a rare inkling of promoting creative and artistic activities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) that would lead to successful careers in the later day. With your guidance we came to understand the profound link between creativity and career path.

Reema Singh

We have very little space as many of our schools are located in the middle of the town, your depot is very beneficial. Now, we have an opportunity to conduct creative and artistic programs with your materials and trainers ready to support us.

Srinivasa Rao

Our children and teachers were concerned solely with completing subjects and scoring high at the exams, and rarely did we think of identifying and promoting their creative and artistic skills. Thanks to Harish and his team for filling the creative gaps our children lacked.

Ananya Kumar
Subject Counselor

We were searching for an organization that can offer external support and guidance to ensure our children’s participation at global quizzes and tests, HCL offered the needful

Malathi Sudhir
Head Mistress